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Enter the Cat: Bruce Lee in the Studio

So I rode downtown to Pearl River Mart to buy more bowls because that‚Äôs where you go in Manhattan when you‚Äôre out of bowls and I was. I came home with an authentic Bruce Lee poster. It was $5. How could I resist? Did I mention it was authentic? At this joyously absurd low price, surely every home within spitting distance of PRM has one. Where’d you hang yours? 


Drawing w/ Steel: My 3D Sketchbook is now online @ Artinjection


Steel wire has been my primary drawing medium for nearly three decades. Its mix of resistance and pliability allows me to easily generate the sketches on which I base my larger works. My improvisational technique has become so refined over time, however, that the majority of my new maquettes are fully formed as is. I’ve pared my aesthetic down to its foundation, literally. I intend to begin enlarging some of these lyrical sculptures directly to a monumental scale, eschewing mass for the elemental purity of line. 


Lizard Blizzard sweeps

This gnarled, scraggly, coiled reptile (23″ high) is the newest addition to Inspired by my favorite croissant-stealing friends in the French West Indies (St-Barth√©lemy),¬†L’iguane was sculpted with¬†water-based resin, skinned with an antiqued-bronze patina, and perched atop bark-encrusted hickory with a brass turning pin. ¬† is my NEW¬†crowdfunding site for The Acrobat Project; a¬†monumental outdoor bronze sculpture created for temporary exhibit at Finn Park in Tribeca/NYC~through NYC Parks’ Art in the Parks Program/summer 2017.