RAPTOR Rising Grant Project Update: Second Configuration Complete!

I have always visualized my sculptures in motion because most look like they are about to leap off their pedestal. Frustratingly, I can’t achieve actual movement because sculpture is by definition static. With the support of a 2012 NoMAA Creative Grant, I have started work on an idea that brings me closer to realizing my vision. My RAPTOR Rising Triptych will juxtapose three different configurations of the same piece, mimicking stop-motion animation. As the human body moves it’s fundamental physical attributes remain unaffected of course. Is this also true for abstract sculpture? The challenge is to reposition a sculpture without losing the identity of the original. Since my sculptures have a figurative quality can they also, like dancers, retain their form as they move through space?

Upsetting the balance of Raptor as I reconfigure it presents a tricky formal paradox. How can I wreck the perfect balance of a sculpture and then re-calibrate that “perfection” without adding (or taking away) material? So far it’s working and the implications are inspiring; I can open my portfolio when I complete this project and “animate” the rest of my collection!

I head to the Polich-Tallix foundry on Monday for casting this wax of Raptor 2 (pictured below).

RAPTOR Rising Grant Project/Wax

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