French Toast, Gremlins & Burning Man~casting CRUSTACEA in bronze!

I have decided to cast Crustacea in bronze before RAPTOR, so forget all that stuff I said about trying out Crustacea as a limited edition aluminum series with a yellow urethane skin. What was I thinking? Since I am simultaneously casting another Relic (#2/8), I am working especially late to get this all of stuff ready for the foundry by Friday. Financing these two castings leaves little for RAPTOR, so I am mounting a separate fundraiser for that, and applying for several local project grants.

I picked out this photo from my former Santa Cruz studio because the expression on my face matches how I feel after hours of sucking wax fumes and bathing in citrus-solve. Is it evaporating or entering my bloodstream, I wonder…a few more days of this and my blood will be cadmium orange, no?

The first invite here is from the exhibition I organized with painter Brett Goodroad. My rotten paintings, Brett’s brilliant paintings! Brett currently lives and paints in Northern California. I currently paint nowhere. Shipping pallets these days weigh just a few pounds. The ones I used, abandoned since the seventies, were made of oak and weighed a ton. I had to hoist them off the ground for hanging with retired rock-climbing ropes donated by my climbing partner Allison. The other card is from the closing party I held at my former Story Mills studio in Bozeman, MT, October of 2001, about 5 months before I moved to Manhattan. Sarah Kelly’s two fire-twirling performances (1 a.m/4 a.m.) were especially impressive when you consider that she was already a little beat-up from having spent that same afternoon in the back-country on her snowboard, dumping off of 20 foot cliffs at high altitude. Did I mention the wood floor of the warehouse had a fresh coat of flammable linseed oil? I think we forgot about that after the first few drinks. I remember my delicious French Toast. Goodnight, MaryJane.…somewhere in another dusty box, photos from this party sleep—I’ll try to rouse them and re-post them here at a later date.

The shot of me with my face painted is from Burning Man 2001—I applied it using the side-view mirror on my friend’s pick-up. And no, I can’t talk about Burning Man; you just have to GO! Okay enough rambling: long day tomorrow, starting with delivering TRAP to a room in a pricey Chelsea townhouse “staged” by Informed Space. It will be filmed on Friday for the HGTV show “Selling New York”.


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