St. Barts Show + Model Shoots

Why you should never turn your back to the ocean...

Why you should never turn your back to the ocean...

Sculpture & Jewelry Exhibition at Les Artisans in St. Barths

My annual Champagne reception at Les Artisans, in Saint-Barthelemy, F.W.I. was Friday, January 30th. What a trip! It proved quite the odyssey to coax a 68lb bronze sculpture South via three cars, two planes, one sailboat and a ferry over two days of travel. During my month-long visit, in between as much spectacular windsurfing and swimming as possible, I organized three photo shoots of my jewelry with local friend Anthony Pessus. We shot twice on rock & sand, then chartered The Lone Fox, a gorgeous 65-foot wooden sailboat for the final setting. A photograph of me blasted by a wall of ocean spray was featured on the cover of St. Barths Weekly (issue #168).

I had actually written two more paragraphs right here to describe the exhibition, but hit the delete button after reading what Ellen Lampert-Greaux penned in St. Barths Weekly. Her prose is a bit more elegant than mine!

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