Relic Reanimated: New Mount & Patina for the Artist’s Proof!

While working on “Nautilus” at the Polich-Tallix foundry, I decided that maybe it was time to dust off the artist’s proof of “Relic”, re-mount it and apply a fresh patina. Originally seated atop a stunning rock snatched roadside in Bozeman,  it was never quite the right fit–the epoxy didn’t hold well–that sort of thing. Plus, my annual exhibition loomed and the old rock was nowhere to be found. I poked around for bronze scraps in the foundry’s shell-blast area and discovered the perfect replacement. 2 hours of hacking, sanding and grinding later, I had carved a new base. Although re-finishing Relic was an impromptu decision, it seems it was the right one; two days before the end of my trip to St. Barth’s, it sold. Relic is now relaxing in Canada.


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