Nautilus Surfs St. Barth’s-Winter, 2010

Here are sample shots from my favorite photo shoot during this year’s Exhibition at Les Artisans in St. Barth’s. At 10 a.m. I loaded up my bulky new Samsonite hard-case–custom fitted for bronze–with one sculpture, one camera, two reflectors, a water bottle and three towels. The path to the beach from my house was straight down a steep hill, so gravity yanked me and my weighty rig  awkwardly all the way there.  I went up the steps to the entrance of the Isle de France Hotel right through the lobby and onto the sand (note to self; suitcase wheels, even fancy ones, don’t roll well on sand). To the chagrin of

Rake Boy (yes, the hotel rakes their beach!) I dug in for the next hour or so with one hand on the camera and the other poised directly above my subject; ready to seize 23lbs of bronze before Mother Nature could wash her away. After the shoot I borrowed a Champagne bucket to bathe “Nautilus”, downed an ice cold Presidente, took a quick swim and packed up my suitcase. As I retreated through the hotel, a guest took one look at my wet self with luggage and congratulated me on “making it”. “Yeah, quite a swim from the States. Perhaps next year I’ll leave from Europe…”

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