Griffon & The FBI’s Most Wanted Sculpture

Boosting their scene-stealing streaming streak, my sculptures continue to sweep local auditions.  Acrobat & Scribbledog nabbed roles in the Sutton Foster/Hilary Duff hit, Younger (S7/E5 The Last Unicorn: Paramount-Plus), while Juxtapose & Mira/Bovo topped the FBI’s Most Wanted list (S2/E5 Toxic: CBS/Paramount-Plus). Coming distractions? The Good Fight (S5), Ghost (S2), The Second Wave…

My new sculpture, Griffon, will be realized in bronze at a monumental scale of seven feet; it is currently undergoing the first stage of enlargement (CNC foam-milling) from its original height of 44 inches. Stay tuned this summer to watch the process unfold. A symbol of courage and protection since antiquity, the griffon is an apt mascot for 2021. Fortify your dominion with a pair of these gothic titans!

The pre-sale* has begun: call or email today.

*limited edition of 5. 

To learn more about extant bronze (& stainless steel) limited editions, email.

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