Mira/Bovo: Coming Soon

I’m typically averse to sharing studio photos of sculptures in progress because the requisite interminable gestation phase (2-6 months) is called “the ugly stage” for a reason. But if I photo-shop the bejeezus out of it veiling the flayed skin, eviscerated viscera and surface scars for a warm minute, well then:

Introducing Mira/Bovo, (steel wire, Magic-Smooth, Magic-Sculpt, 40″ high) inspired by two of my favorite Indelible Dance (NYC) performers. It’s the second in a series of new dancer portraits following Cantrell. Upon completion (two weeks?), the prototype will be cast in stainless steel as an original limited edition of three plus one artist’s proof. When? Call/email to pre-order and we’ll start asap! 

Happy Sunny Day from Studio Dave!

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