Moving Portraits~CHOREOGRAPHED Sculpture

“Is that a dancer?” is a query I hear more than any other from people who have just discovered my work. So the idea of sculpting directly from this alleged kinetic source has intrigued me for years. Two recent (separate) riveting performances by noted NYC dancer-choreographers Annmaria Mazzini & Robin Cantrell inspired me to finally do just that: carve portraits in tribute to these astonishing, magnetic artists. Over the next fifteen months I look forward to immersing myself in works by Mazzini, Cantrell plus four or five more of my favorite New York City choreographers.

>NOTHING beats watching a powerful dancer dominate the stage with confidence, agility & surprise. I have always felt a strong kinship with dancers. My fascination for the aesthetics (and music) of modern/contemporary dance began in college. I became an instant fan of my school’s groundbreaking resident troupe, Orchesis, after seeing them perform during my freshman year. As a visual artist, avid climber and former martial artist, I identify with a dancer’s athletic prowess, stamina for pain and the idealism to (usually) forgo equitable wages in pursuit of unabashed, original expression.

Here are the first two maquettes/wire-drawings (many more to come before I choose a group to enlarge/add volume and begin the process of shaping/carving etc.):


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