BIG Bronze, Some Coffee & One Confused Bat

ArtinjectionNorth/Day 153…4?

Lately I’ve noticed that before I go to bed I’m already looking forward to turning on the coffee machine. It’s not that I don’t like sleeping (or dreaming), but I have so much stuff going on in the studio these days that I can’t seem to get everything done quickly enough. Not that I don’t slack. I do. And well. Shoot pool downstairs/watch something (anything, really) on netflix/read on the porch and wait for the deer. Hit the cafe for MORE caffeine & sugar cause you know, can’t ever get enough of that. Switch to tea to mix it up? Then back to the studio. Wire. Wax. Plastic. Wire. Wax. Plastic, repeat. Sand/Sand/Sand…shoot pool. Coffee or tea? After five? Huh, Beer?!

I’ve attached photos of my recently completed NAUTILUS, enlarged to 8 feet high in bronze, (installed in a private sculpture garden near Philly, PA last week) plus some works in progress, including Chimaera in stainless steel, and a modular-wax study of one section of Nautilus multiplied by 3: it will be bronze by November. The wire maquette, shown next to a badly sketched tree (long story) might get enlarged, I’m not sure yet. I made one attempt, and it didn’t work. Against tradition, I may try again, just at a slightly different scale, also, undecided. But I like the wire drawing–so I want to do something with it–just can’t decide yet. Sometimes it’s better not to rush things through now matter how eager I am to move it forward so to speak. Maybe I’ll just leave it as is–a linear work? Meanwhile, I have built and destroyed three resin & steel sculptures over the past two months. That’s frustrating, of course, but part of the creative process. Well, mine anyway. Hoping to pull something else new together soon because I want to have more than just the metal stuff ready for my annual show this February. I love the stainless steel. I love it so much I’m already preparing a Raptor wax for casting in it. I didn’t expect this. But now I think the austere coolness of it is perfect for the more aggressive lines and sharp angles of my newest sculptures. And the experience of chasing it is totally different. Stainless laughs at my sandpaper, chews up files and scoffs at my over-confident burrs. Carpel-tunnel anyone? I originally planned to put MONARCH on the bronze conveyor but now all I can see it in is stainless Stainless STAINLESS!

As for the modular concept, that’s something I’ve been interested in for a long time. For those of you who have followed my work over the years, you’ve seen the early experiments manifest in Double-Kimbra and Butterfly Dolphin (jewelry), and the small sculpture/animal abstractions like Frippguana and Daliguana. The possibilities for re-combinations of my molded parts are endless, and I intend to chase all of them down.

So here I am at my Catskills studio, day 153, or so…cupping my empty A-Calder mug and contemplating the scene tomorrow when I’ll sit on my back porch coated in fleece, book in lap, coffee in hand waiting for the deer to walk by. And the wild turkeys. Did I tell you about the confused little brown bat that visited July 4th? Hung upside down beside me in broad daylight? This place is full of surprises…

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