Operation Dunebug

Greetings from StudioDave. I know it has been a while since I have written, but I’ve been dutifully ensconced in my studio, sanding Sanding SANDING/bronze Bronze BRONZE! I have had so much fun working on my grant project this year.  Assisted by a 2012 NoMAA Creative Grant (supported by JP Morgan Chase), my first bronze triptych will juxtapose three different permutations of the same abstract sculpture, mimicking stop-motion animation. My challenge was to reconfigure “Raptor” without losing the identity of the original. I have completed the first two bronze sculptures, but the third wax prototype awaits casting. Two down, one to go! I need to raise $6,500.00 to complete the project.

To coordinate fundraising I tapped my devoted legion of acrobatic Dunebugs. Working together like an army of ants, they marched into action with military precision. Clustered into playful trios, Dunebug Towers swing mischievously from the necks of their keepers. And these sterling silver totems are available as earrings too. Buy the set and build your own Dunebug Empire.

Dune the Right Bling: Join the Dunebug campaign today!

Dunebug Tower (pendant,1.75in.)

(F) includes15” cord (specify red or black): $125.00

(M) includes17” black leather cord: $125.00

Dunebug Tower (earrings): $215.00/pr

Dunebug Empire (pendant + earrings): $315.00

Dunebug for President (18k gold pendant) $2,500.00

Available exclusively here on the Store page (click the Store page above), or dial: 212.380.6855. My Jewelry is divided into three collections: St-Barth, SculptureZoo, & Studio. Dunebug Tower is part of my St-Barth Collection, featured on the Jewelry page of this website: www.artinjection.com/jewelry.htm.

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