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Griffon & The FBI’s Most Wanted Sculpture

Boosting their scene-stealing streaming streak, my sculptures continue to sweep local auditions.  Acrobat & Scribbledog nabbed roles in the Sutton Foster/Hilary Duff hit, Younger (S7/E5 The Last Unicorn: Paramount-Plus), while Juxtapose & Mira/Bovo topped the FBI’s Most Wanted list (S2/E5 Toxic: CBS/Paramount-Plus). Coming distractions? The Good Fight (S5), Ghost (S2), The Second Wave…


The Year of the Griffin

Chimeras have been haunting artists’ portfolios since antiquity. Now they’ve infiltrated mine! An enduring symbol of courage and protection, the griffin is an apt mascot for 2021.


The Resplendent LOVE LIFE of Syrinx, Fugue & Anna Kendrick