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From New York to Santa Cruz & Back: NEW Bronze!

I spent most of July in Santa Cruz completing new sculpture @ Bronze Works. Introducing Pegasus, #1/3 (the artist’s proof was cast a few years back) and Mira/Bovo~currently on it’s way back to New York in a massive crate we built before leaving CA. I’ll do the final prep/polish and patina for Mira/Bovo here in New York. I conjured this “meteor” patina (and another I’ll share later) with my old friend Karl Reichley in Berkeley last week. I also finished the first of two Acrobats that I will publish here once they’re both complete!


New Bronze: Acrobat, Crustacea & Strike

I know why sculptors have selected bronze as a medium for millennia: it’s a gorgeous, versatile alloy! With bronze I can achieve a glassy smoothness and dagger-sharp edges. Patinas—both natural and applied—interact with the metal at a molecular level and can be layered to create a radiant translucence akin to marble.

Griffon & The FBI’s Most Wanted Sculpture

Boosting their scene-stealing streaming streak, my sculptures continue to sweep local auditions.  Acrobat & Scribbledog nabbed roles in the Sutton Foster/Hilary Duff hit, Younger (S7/E5 The Last Unicorn: Paramount-Plus), while Juxtapose & Mira/Bovo topped the FBI’s Most Wanted list (S2/E5 Toxic: CBS/Paramount-Plus). Coming distractions? The Good Fight (S5), Ghost (S2), The Second Wave…