Rock, Sand, Silver

Columbier Beach is favored in St-Barth for it’s scenic & challenging access (steep hike), privacy and sheltered harbor. “Sheltered” is the main reason I seldom go. I prefer to swim where the water is rougher; like running through the woods instead of on pavement. Turns out Colombier is a great place to shoot so I don’t know what took me so long to try it there. The first thing I did when I arrived was dump my (New!!) camera on the beach and swim out to the African Queen. Man what a photogenic sailboat. It looks like it spent the last fifty years underwater, in fact. The ship’s captain is the artist David Wegman, an old salt if ever there was one (see attached photo, and you’ll see what I mean).

With artist David Wegman, at his St-Barth Studio

Eventually I dove back into the water and swam to shore to start my shoot. Here are some cool shots I grabbed of Iguanyx, Felicity and Iguana vs. Chimaera. Felicity has been one of my most popular pendants (available in sterling silver or 18K) for years now. Named after a favorite friend, it was created by abstracting/simplifying my bronze¬†Relic.¬†As for the remaining images; the gritty Iquanyx & the mighty Chimaera cuff seldom leave my wrists…(I typically pair Chimaera with “Vixen” on a red leather band…but more on that later).

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