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An Octopus, a Shark & Two Dancers…

INTRODUCING Mira/Bovo: a double portrait juxtaposing contemporary dancers Mira Cook and Giorgia Bovo, inspired by their astonishing performances last fall with Indelible Dance in No Man’s Land—choreographed by Robin Cantrell (NYC)—during which Mira Cook was eight months pregnant.

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Coming Soon…

Octeryx is still in the “womb”, but already growling, scratching and clawing to get out. Measuring over six feet in length, Octeryx is poised to become one of my largest ever prototypes. (When creating new work, my typical working scale is 2-4 feet). This latest piece shares the menacing, alien/sea creature-like characteristics exemplified by my Raptor, Monarch & Crush sculptures.

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