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Coming Soon…

Octeryx is still in the “womb”, but already growling, scratching and clawing to get out. Measuring over six feet in length, Octeryx is poised to become one of my largest ever prototypes. (When creating new work, my typical working scale is 2-4 feet). This latest piece shares the menacing, alien/sea creature-like characteristics exemplified by my Raptor, Monarch & Crush sculptures.

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ArtMath Back-to-School Pop-Quiz

Sometimes abstraction feels like math. Not the classroom snoozing, painful-as-scraping a-chalkboard kind of math…but the game-like, geometric puzzle solving, brain teasing type that I enjoyed before BC Calculus came along and silenced every number-2 pencil in the room. The tactile challenges of simplifying and resolving a tangled maze of complex curves is akin to solving […]

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