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Modular “M├ęduse”, ready for patina…

Created by combining three of the same mold-sections from my Nautilus sculpture, M├ęduse is my first modular-design bronze sculpture. I’ve made modular works previously, but only by manipulating parts from much smaller sculptures and jewelry designs (using Balloon, L’iguane, horses etc.). Double-Kimbra, a sterling silver choker, was the first true effort completed about a decade […]

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Body Sculpture

Shot on my roof. With Film! I know, I know, how old-school of me. Been so long I actually had to replace the camera batteries first. I like juxtaposing my creations to illustrate their genesis. Like a family portrait, it emphasizes common origin, kinship, energy, contrast, dysfunction… Who said that?! The Artist’s Bracelet weighs a […]

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