Dunebug Chronicles: Book III

“The Jaws of Doom”

Ruthless, Ravenous…Raptor rockets through the air, relentlessly chasing and erasing hapless buzzing minutiae—threatening the survival of our beloved Dunebug population. But it’s not too late to save this tiny & delicious species from the steel & resin Jaws of Doom. Aid their protection and proliferation by adopting one today. Your Dunebug purchase will directly fund an organized effort to capture the rapacious Raptor and turn him into bronze; frozen in place, his predatory lifestyle arrested forever. Help erect a bronze monument to freedom and flaunt your sterling reward!

>Let’s find homes for 100 Dunebugs and put an end to the Siege.

DUNEBUG~Sterling Silver, Reversible Pendant~$65/each*

Join The Noble Cause Today

BUY: www.artinjection.com/store.htm 212.380.6855

*or turn RAPTOR to bronze in one, $7,500.00 strike and KEEP the evidence! Order must be placed by October 30th, 2011 to preserve the pre-market price for this bronze sculpture.

Sponsored by Artinjection.com and The Fund for Bronze Casting & Pest Control

©2011 Dave Stevenson>Bronze Sculpture>Jewelry Design>Mischief>MADE IN U.S.A. NYC/USA 212.380.6855 ST-BARTH/F.W.I. 590.590.27.50.40

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