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Paint-monkey Orchestra>the Lab @ Story Mill~Bozeman, MT, circa 2000

One desperate night at the studio, around the witching hour, I ran out of canvas. Nothing, nada, no music. While scavenging around for a paintable surface, I wandered into the cavernous, dilapidated warehouse connnected to my studio.  Suddenly I found myself staring at stacks and stacks of crooked old shipping pallets, languishing in the shadows of the abandoned flour mill. The heavy oaken relics were in various degrees of decay from the nearly new to coffin-rotten. One by one I knoocked over, dusted-off and sorted them into the Good, and the Partly Decomposed. In a fog of ancient dirt and sawdust I heaved up the Good Pallets on end like an abstract picket fence encircling the studio. By 4 a.m. I was painting feverishly. Within six weeks I had whitewashed and muraled the entire perimeter.

I have been so captivated by charcoal and acrylics this year. But what are these new paintings like? It’s as if I blew up my sculptures and the shrapnel reanimated on canvas. Witness: Demon, New Tentacles and Paint-monkey Orchestra.

A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to My Studio…

>Fall 2000, Bozeman, MT-Story Mills Studios

A funny thing happened to me on the way to my studio the other day. I was biking leisurely down the familiar dirt trail when five wayward steer intersected my path. They glanced at me lazily and then without warning broke into a rollicking trot. Suddenly I was herding cattle. From a mountain bike. I didn’t know what to yell. “Giddeyup???” “Mush?!” As the cows accelerated, an unsuspecting jogger headed right towards us. But he didn’t heed the stampede until he’d crossed the bridge just coming into view. The runner quickly broke stride and leaped up onto adjacent railroad tracks. The herd abruptly halted, as if stricken with boredom. When I rode past—absorbing that soothing group-gaze only cows can express—a voice from behind inquired meekly; “Are those your cows?”

Man I’m gonna miss Montana!

standing inside my Story Mill art studio, Bozeman, MT, circa 2000

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