The Genesis of Pegasus

All of my sculptures begin as small wire maquettes that adorn (and TAKEOVER!) the walls, floors, benches and shelves around here until they are chosen for enlargement. While looking through my collection today I found the wire-drawing that inspired my new steel & resin sculpture, Pegasus. Since young Pegasus scarcely resembles full-grown Pegasus, these photos are an excellent illustration of how much of a process my creative process really is.

I picked out this particular 14 inch maquette for enlargement about a year ago. The enlargement measured 4 feet in length yet ‚ÄúPegasus‚ÄĚ currently stands just 2 feet tall so, what happened?

Months of aggressive wire-resin-wrestling (add resin-carve-sand-file-add more resin-smash-crash-bang-smash-crash-bang, repeat) caused the piece to eventually break in half. I put the fragments aside for consideration for my February show at Les Artisans, in St. Barth’s. But by January I was still unsure about how to complete either of the broken sections, or if it was even possible. I left them to gather dust through the winter. When I returned from St. Barth’s in March I dragged one of the incomplete pieces onto my bench and resumed plastic surgery. Six weeks later, waa la!

Final step? Molding for casting into bronze!

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