Channeling Cephalopods

I found myself watching an octopus eat another octopus on TV the other night. (Oh, the benefits of 800 channels!) It was fascinating~such brilliant, supple colors. Today I arrived at the Polich-Tallix foundry fully intending to apply a s i m p l e blue patina on my latest bronze sculpture, “Crush”. But with it’s sea-creature-like quality, apparently conjuring undersea cannibals was inevitable: 5 hours later, my calm ocean-blue intentions had burst into a painterly blend of blue, white, silver, blood-red, green and gold atop a marbleized black base.

CRUSH is a limited edition bronze series of eight sculptures. This first of the edition was cast after one artist’s proof. The resin & steel prototype shown is Nautilus (working title), currently in the molding phase of bronze casting.

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