ArtMath Back-to-School Pop-Quiz

Sometimes abstraction feels like math. Not the classroom snoozing, painful-as-scraping a-chalkboard kind of math…but the game-like, geometric puzzle solving, brain teasing type that I enjoyed before BC Calculus came along and silenced every number-2 pencil in the room. The tactile challenges of simplifying and resolving a tangled maze of complex curves is akin to solving difficult equations; one solution and one way to get there.

Of course, maybe the duality of simultaneously playing both teacher & student causes the inherent confusion for me. Every sculpture begins as a baffling problem I’m faced with solving. The pass/fail rule I impose ensures that a C+ sculpture never makes it to the podium. Such pressure to succeed might explain why I spend a lot of time on the playground.

I bet math in school would have been more agreeable if I’d been able to attack the calculus problems atop my desk with every hammer, chisel and miscellaneous blunt, heavy object stocking my studio today.

INTRODUCING Scribbledog3000: This whimsical, 3D cartoon is a playful enlargement of Littledoga popular cur from my SculptureZoo Collection. Using the tiny, 3/4 inch high original puppy as a maquette, I made just a couple of subtle changes to it’s intricate, geometric composition. Full of juicy, painterly curves, Scribbledog3000 stands 12 inches tall and measures 21 inches snout to tail.

So, if Scribbledog is chasing an old blue car traveling southwest at a speed of…just kidding. Recess!


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