25 Years in 2 Paragraphs

Every day, while I walk or run, while I swim or rock climb or snowboard, the elegant mechanics of the human form inspire me. Eager to bound off their pedestals, my sculptures reach, twist, beckon toward sentience. Each piece has a distinctive center of balance or nucleus from which its energy radiates; joints materialize where curves meet and change direction. These features create the illusion of movement and suggest an underlying skeleton and a dynamic, anthropomorphic dance. 

My work’s intrigue derives from its paradoxical qualities: alien yet familiar, seductive yet foreboding. One recognizes corporeal gestures even when they are undefinable. Sensual shapes contrast with sharp edges, inducing competing impulses to touch and recoil.

Monarch, steel & resin original

Monarch, steel & resin original

Chimaera/Conjuring...stainless steel

Chimaera/Conjuring…stainless steel





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