The Art + The Events + The What Was The Question?

Equine Trophy Commission/Arabian Horse Association

Wire-drawing maquette for The Molly Stanley Perpetual Trophy: awarded annually to the winner of the Sport Horse Supreme, Two Year Old Champion (Arabian Horse Association). This year, the competition is September 26th. Two weeks away—that’s why this is a short paragraph—I have to get back to work!



I still miss my childhood dog. The bazillion dogs I’ve sculpted since his passing is testament to this fact. Chester would have chewed Scribbledog to bits…


ArtMath Back-to-School Pop-Quiz

Sometimes abstraction feels like math. Not the classroom snoozing, painful-as-scraping a-chalkboard kind of math…but the game-like, geometric puzzle solving, brain teasing type that I enjoyed before BC Calculus came along and silenced every number-2 pencil in the room. The tactile challenges of simplifying and resolving a tangled maze of complex curves is akin to solving difficult equations; one solution and one way to get there.